Wednesday, September 24, 2008


I'm sorry. I started this blog with the most sincere intentions to indulge my favourite pastimes of baking, photography and writing. But life---read: assignments, tests, work, a recent pastry job interview and trial (Aran, I can finally work in a pastry kitchen again! Thank you for your support and encouragements!), plus an exhaustive application process to get my pastry qualifications recognised by Trades Recognition Australia---got in the way.

I actually have a few posts lined up; I just have not had the time to upload the photos onto my computer. I know, I know; you are sick of my constant laments about how little time I have to blog. But this time there's a major factor contributing to a total lack of time: I'm going on vacation.

Yes. To the lands of eternal summers--- Singapore, then Jakarta, then Bali, then Jakarta again and finally back to Melbourne. It actually doesn't sound so great when you know that it's about the hottest time of the year, and temperatures don't go below 35 degrees Centigrade. Oh, and did I mention the above 80% humidity at all times of the day?

I am flying in less than 10 hours' time. And no, I haven't packed anything. I just got home from buying some last minute gifts, so I'm off to pack them now with the rest of my summer wardrobe. So I will ask you to please forgive me once more. I badly want to blog from my family home in Jakarta, but the internet is really powered by a snail on a hamster wheel. Meaning I can't really upload any photos for my blog posts.

So I bid you adieu. I promise to visit all of you in your virtual homes and leave comments as often as I can, but otherwise, I will be back full force on 13 October. In the meantime, I'll be sure to take tons of photos to "catch up on posting when I return. So see you then!!